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Foil Stamping

What is Foil Stamping?

Foil stamping is a unique printing process where heat, pressure, foil and metal come together to create unique designs and optical effects.

The foil can be any color, but usually metallic foils, like gold and silver, are used. Foil rolls, like paper, are available in matte and glossy finishes.

The Foil Stamping Process in Printing and Packaging

Commonly known as hot foil stamping, foil stamping is similar in technique to letterpress and engraving, where pressure is used to apply color to paper.

When the design is finalized, metal plates are created for each individual color foil in the shape that’s needed. Then, the dies are heated. Pressure is applied to seal the foil to the paper or packaging material and then the press is run multiple times to apply each color individually.

If you want a raised or embossed effect, another die may be used to create that look to finish up the project.

Other types of foil – such as pearl foil, effects foil and scratch-off foil – are less commonly used, but have well-known use cases, such as wedding invitations or lottery tickets.

a photo of foil stamped business cards printed by Paper Fish Communications in Fort Myers, FL