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Paper Fish Printing  specializes in helping local Southwest Florida businesses.  We custom tailor to your unique  specifications for each printing project. Our local print shop can handle all of your business needs.  From business cards, brochures, restaurant menus and mailing campaigns to business branding and logo design. Our custom all-in-one services can help you get the word out to your customers.

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Offset Printing

Offset printing is a technique where an inked image is transferred (offset) from a plate to a rubber blanket, then to the printed surface. Advantages of offset printing are consistent high quality images and text, color matching, and paper choices. You have the ability to utilize the special services we offer – thermography, embossing, foiling…

UV Coating

UV Coating is a process whereby a polymer resin changes from a liquid to a solid with an ultraviolet light source. It protects the underlying material and makes your piece more durable. Commonly used for postcards and rack cards. Available in gloss or soft touch (suede like texture).

Digital Printing

Digital printing is a full color option using CMYK values rather than spot colors. There is no need for a press plate (used in offset printing). This allows for a faster turnaround time and varying quantities. We produce brochures, business cards, notepads, postcards and much more in vibrant color or black and white.


Stationery is high-fashion, class and professionalism all rolled into one. Using business stationery for your communication shows you to be the top of the class and the perfect type of business for your target. Take a look at some of the examples below.


Looking for an easy, affordable and personal way to send that message? Look no further than a unique, fun and target-marketed postcard. Perfect for sending marketing info or a sale announcement, this is the fastest and most affordable way to mail information, whether to a small group or a full direct mail campaign!


Forms may not be flashy and marketing-focused like other print pieces, but they are just as vital to a business internally! Forms can come with and without carbon copies and will provide your business a professionally designed receipt, invoice, purchase sheet or internal project checklist and any of the hundreds of other uses they offer.…